Our gratuates

On Friday, 20th of June 2017, the first Gala-Dinner for graduates of the Anglo-Russian School took place in the British Embassy in Moscow. This was an exciting occasion for everyone and was particularly enjoyed by the graduates themselves. We have therefore decided to make the British Embassy Reception an annual event for our graduates.

Anglo Russian School Alumni. All the graduates of the Anglo-Russian School, wherever they continue their education, remain part of our wider school community: they keep us informed concerning their further education institutions, their successes as well as their difficulties. The graduates also visit our school on its birthday – 1st of November – a day of holiday celebration for all of us. On this special day, the teachers, graduates and students of The Anglo-Russian School meet together with other guests. The new graduates give a Presentation in which each tells the other guests about his/her University. The new graduates also receive their final year A- Level Certificates (Edexcel) and their special Graduates’ – red sweater with the School’s emblem printed on it. Those graduates who study in British or other overseas Universities and cannot visit the School on 1st of November send e-mail messages to us and a report is given on their behalf..

Where do the graduates study? All those who graduated from the School in 2017, are studying in institutions of Higher Education (total 21 graduates):

Of these, there are 3 graduates studying in the U.K. (Warwick and Aston universities) and 2 graduates studying in other overseas universities (in Italy and Australia).
Apart from one other graduate, who is studying in St. Petersburg, all our other graduates are studying in Moscow.
There are 5 graduates – in The High School of Economics (Anglo-Russian School is a preparatory school for HSE)
And 2 graduates – in Plekhanov’s Academy

Graduates’ Memoirs about School:

Ilja Spasskov, High School of Economics:
‘We were the first – and for our teachers it was the first graduation. It was exciting for all of us.’

Gregory Borovykh, University of Aston:
‘I am happy to be Aston Universtiy graduate – it’s really hard but very interesting job. It would be impossible without my previous education in Anglo-Russian School, my first British education Institution.’

Anna Belodedova, University of Warwick:
‘When I was a student of Anglo-Russian School I dreamed about Warwick. My dream was realized when I entered the Warwick Foundation Course. But I miss Anglo-Russian School – I miss my teachers and my friends.’

Alexander Revushkin, Financial Academy:
‘I study in Financial Academy and will be an antirecessionary manager. Did I need a British academic education? Anglo-Russian School’s and EDEXCEL’s Diplomas are not only excellent English and confident attainments in Economics and Mathematics but it also means that you know how to overcome the difficulties and you have a skill to work.’

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