Students of the Anglo-Russian School must have a good command of the English language – it is essential in order for them to be successful and to be able to keep up with other students.

For those prospective students of the Anglo-Russian School who do not have the required level of English we have arranged:

Foundation Course in English

An especially tailored English course for 13-14 year olds who wish to join Anglo-Russian School or alternatively, simply dramatically improve their English language.

Our students study English with professional teachers who receive their course instruction directly from the British ‘English Teachers’ of the Anglo-Russian School.

Our team of British teachers supervise the continual assessments, moderations, trimester and final year tests for all students.

2 levels of Study

Courses are organized at 2 different levels, each group comprising not more than 8 to 12 students, the lessons run from 1st of October to 20th of June.

F1 level – Advanced: on Tuesday and Thursday, from 4.30 to 6.40 pm, total – 6 lesons a week, USD 135 per month. The F1-students are the 9th class pupils who would like to assess Anglo-Russian School – the final tests there are the assessment tests to Anglo-Russian School.
F2 level – Intermediate: on Tuesday from 5.20 to 6.40 pm, on Thursday and Friday from 4.30 to 6.40 (total – 8 lessons a week), USD 155 per month. F2-students are 8th and 9th class pupils who would like to improve dramatically their level of English and possibly join Anglo-Russian School in future.

Lessons for each group will include either Saturday or Sunday as a teaching day. Other lessons will take place Monday to Friday 16.30 to 17.50.

The course is held at the Anglo-Russian School, School 497 near Taganka.

All students should expect to work hard under strict disciplined conditions with the reward of real improvement in their English language skills.

Further information and enrolment contract:
Anglo-Russian School, 3/9, M.Komministicheskaya street, Moscow.
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